Community TV

Step Into A Different World

Gain access to this ever-growing Mass Market.

Create stories that capture the lives of the Black Consumer Market and let these stories captivate your audience. Bring your imagination to life in every corner of this space. Community TV advertising is an excellent way to truly capture the essence of your brand.

Use this opportunity to share your BRAND STORY and allow your audience to walk the journey with you, through this targeted and captivating medium.

Take advantage of the locally produced and relevant content in the various channel line-ups (ranging from Religious, News and Lifestyle programs) that are made for the community, by the community.

Create brand affinity within the local market and use top community TV stations to your full advantage. We have access to SOWETO TV, BAY TV, GAUTENG TV and many more stations available nationally.

Let the VIBRANT and PROUDLY LOCAL TALENT elevate your brand.

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