Out of Home MEDIA

Boost Your Brand Presence

You’ve identified that your ideal target market is the Black Consumer Market but are you struggling to actually reach them? 
Our unconventional WALL MURAL ADVERTISING in all key townships is one of the best ways for you to reach them. With the use of out of home advertising, you have the potential of easily reaching your audience. We have a national footprint in wall mural advertising and together, we can: 
  1. Produce HIGH-QUALITY artwork that works equally well as an Out of Home Media Billboard. We use only highly skilled and experienced high definition, airbrush and spray-paint artists
  2. CREATE JOBS for these incredibly skilled and professional artists 
  3. GENERATE INCOME for the Landlords who provide us with the buildings needed to generate the exposure and leads that you want and your business needs.
We are focused on the betterment of our beautiful country, South Africa, and together we can make a difference one brick at a time!

Our Clients